Be Professional, Dress Professional !

Dress Pro

I used to work for large companies and I can’t remember the series of sagging pants, low-cut pants and exposed underwear I’ve seen, just to follow the « Bootylicious » trend.

I can’t remember the numerous unsightly bare bellies promoted by the Street Fashion Style.

I can’t remember the numerous miniskirts and shorts, see-through blouses and skirts as you can see in Miami. I’ve even seen a Military Army trouser; have organizations become battle fields?

 It takes only a few seconds to someone to make a first impression, if you want to have every chance to be perceived as a professional, be professional, dress Professional! 

 My advices:

 Think classic:  choose classic suit with straight skirt or straight or cigarettes pants right or if you look for a more approachable style get a matching jacket with your skirt or trousers. For men, choose a match or unmatched suit. 

 Think neutral color: Navy Blue, charcoal, Brown, Burgundy or black you will avoid the faux pas. Avoid bright or neon colors, see-through clothing & tops, unless you go to the Rio. Prefer plain colored or striped shirts. T-shirts with or without Kate Moss are to avoid.

Keep-off sneakers, running shoes and sport shoes:  whatever the color: neon, gold, silver, platform, there is no place in the workplace, unless you are already at the top of your business and you are as talented as Félix Marquardt. Pump shoes, plateau shoes and other platforms shoes will give you a clumsy allure and ungraceful silhouette. Choose classic shoes like moccasins and derbies in neutral colors.  

 Have a well-groomed appearance:  Remember that the Devil is in the details. Have neat hands & nails, for you girls have neat manicure. Keep your hair cut & styled, shave your face.

 Have a classic makeup & select classic accessories: no bling-bling, flashy jewelry or outrageous makeup. Keep your white socks for jogging and your Mickey socks to the closet. Forget your collection of Bart Simpson neckties except if you are looking for a comic role play. 


Control the impact of your image, never leave it a chance to be taken for an amateur or a tourist.

Be Professional, Dress Professional!




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