My Valentine, my Valentine…

Haven’t you dreamed of spending Valentine’s Day in Paris?

The city of love – la ville des amoureux  as pictured by Artist Doisneaux. Doineaux

Of course, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world, but Paris is the city where lovers like to walk along the Quai de Seine hand in hand, put a lock on the Pont des Arts to seal their love, sing “La vie en rose” in the rain and, of course, end the day with a delicious dinner en amoureux.  

 Le pont des Arts


A box of chocolates,

Valentine's chocolates

A bunch of roses,

au nom de la rose

or a piece of jewelry.

I can’t wait for February 14th, aren’t you?

@ Pierre Hermé Paris

Pierre Hermé_coeur_tarte_rose_jasmin

Savor the shortbread with jasmine ganache

and mascarpone cream with rose flavor.

@ La Durée Paris

La Durée

Le Saint-Honoré with the delicate fragrances of rose, raspberry and ginger.

What are you going to wear on your day & evening of Saint-Valentin?

My suggestion, always trust the look that fits you best. Spice it up with the just pretty accessories of « pure luxury » or beautiful vintage pieces gleaned over your shopping trips.

Here are 4 inspired looks for a night full of love and 3 proposals for a trendy saint-Valentin

The Urban Fashionista – like Sarah Jessica Parker, comfortable and on the edge of fashion.

Sarah Jessica Parker pink & red outfit

The dusted-off vintage

Red & pink in winter

The Sexy and chic Style – Like Victoria Beckham.

VB red dress

The tradi style

Jupe 60 rouge


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