How to be a more likeable person?

I like you

Have you ever wanted to be a more likeable person?

I am not asking if you want everybody to like you because it will never happen.

You can’t please everybody and very often the behavior that will get some people to like you will make others dislike you.

And you just can’t switch behaviors to make others change their mind.

However, you can make more people like you, by increasing your likeability factor, and this can be achieved if you follow these advices:


As an nonverbal communication & Image Management specialist, I repeatedly tell clients “Always dress up with a smile”. Whatever country or culture you are from, if you are male or a female, young or old, tall or short, blue-eyed or dark-eyed, “smiling” is a Universal facial expression.

A smile radiates that you are a more approachable person –hence, a more likeable person.

Smiling is also very contagious. When someone smiles at us…we tend to automatically return the smile and view them as a likeable person. A smile puts people at ease and that increases your likeability factor.

Ever tried to resist a toddler’s smile?  Impossible!

Ever wonder why the Mona Lisa became so famous? One possible answer could be: because of her unique smile.


Why do we like positive people?

Because they make us feel good! If you want to be a more likeable person you need to be positive. Speak with optimism – see the glass half-full!  Be joyful.

Yes, world news is often depressing but positive people talk about good things that happen every day.

Develop a healthy, feel-good attitude about yourself.

Have you noticed that being positive is also contagious?  –  Start an epidemic!

3: Be INTERESTED in others

As human beings, we all are naturally interested in ourselves and we’re always happy to meet someone who shares this interest.

William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli, both eminent British statesmen were considered as the two smartest persons in England, in the late nineteenth century. A young journalist said that she would dine with both so she could decide which one was smarter. She compared both men and here is what she reported: “When I dined with Mr. Gladstone, I felt as though he was the smartest man in England. But when I dined with Mr. Disraeli, I felt as though I was the smartest woman in England.”

The point here is that William Gladstone spoke while Benjamin Disraeli listened.

Encourage others to speak about their passions, and ask questions to discover what is important to them.

Remember do not to interrupt when someone is speaking – it will instantly decrease your likeability factor.

Want to be more likeable? Talk to people about themselves.


Integrity is a very likeable attribute. It means that you say what you think and you do what you say. Your thoughts, words and actions are aligned.

Why is this important? Simply because people can trust you.

There is a big overlap between trusting someone and liking someone. We all know people we like very much but wouldn’t trust even for minor favors.

Cultivate your integrity and notice how others will be more open with you. Their ability to trust you will increase your likeability.

Want to start to be a more likeable person now?  

Remember to:

  • First: smile
  • Second: be positive
  • Third: be interested in others
  • Fourth: have integrity.

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